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13 Nov

I have made November my month of gratitude. This time building up to Thanksgiving is particularly potent for any gratitude practice. Now, gratitude is in the collective and the energy of the collective will support you in your gratitude practice.

To be reminded of the things you are grateful for year-round, consider making a gratitude collage. It is easy! If you live in the Bay Area, sign up for my gratitude collage workshop this Saturday afternoon, 2-5:30pm. I will guide you through the process, plus i have tons of excellent material to draw from. Did i say tons? I have a closet full of magazines and images! To sign up, click here.

You might also like the idea of a daily gratitude practice. Each day i choose one thing i am grateful for, contemplate it, smile, and post it on facebook. My sharing has inspired others to play with this practice too. It is amazing to see their posts and read what they are grateful for! Try it too!

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