Eva Ruland

Eva Ruland

Eva Ruland, Ph.D. is a Renaissance woman. She holds a Ph.D. in East-West-Psychology (CIIS); an MS in theoretical engineering (TU Berlin); a teaching credential for adult education (IHK Berlin); a certificate as a co-active coach (CTI); and is a certified SoulCollage® facilitator. Eva combines these formal achievements with a practice as a meditator (since 1990) and as an artist (for as long as she can remember) and her extensive cross-cultural experience. She has lived in 6 countries and traveled on 5 continents.

When asked about the most crucial insight this rich path has inspired in her, Eva responds without hesitation, “that our relationship with our own unconscious is most important for inner peace and a sense of joyful fulfillment. Love for others and care for a healthy planet follow and are supported by it.” And how do we nurture a relationship with our unconscious? Eva finds creative expression to be an accessible conduit to the unconscious. The most immediate art form to connect us with deeper levels of our soul is collage.

Eva happened upon working with collage at a meditative retreat at Esalen in 2005. It was pure synchronicity and it impacted her deeply. She had recent lost her mother and, with her mother, her roots. Collaging helped her process the situation as well as its implications: she was now challenged to assume a new identity. Her many hours of making collages helped her redefine herself in this process. Eva was so amazed by the discovery of what collage could do as a tool for processing and healing, that, when a friend suggested to share her approach with others, she enthusiastically set out to do so. Eva developed a step by step program that supports the creative process and makes creative expression easily available to all. Her recipe for a fun and fulfilling collage workshop includes guided visualization and defined stages of work.

From the first collage workshops which she conducted in her kitchen, Eva has come a long way. In 2010 she joined the SoulCollage® community and became a SoulCollage® facilitator. Later that year she moved her workshops into a beautiful studio in North Berkeley. Collage and SoulCollage® have become a staple of Eva’s offerings; combined with visualization techniques they are powerful tools to open the door to the unconscious and to our intuitive selves. Come and experience it for yourself!

Read more about Eva’s vision + mission

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