Connect With Your Inner WisdomBecome more AuthenticNurture Your Soul 

· Connect with your deeper sense of self
· Allow your soul to speak
· Benefit from guided visualizations
· Connect the dots
· Find and speak your truth
· Learn to focus on what really matters
· Live more authentically and joyfully

SoulAlchemy group

Join a group of soul nurturers to tend to your soul on a bi-monthly basis. You will enjoy activities such as:

· reflection
· self exploration
· writing
· connection with your creativity
· working with visual + word prompts
· divination
· visualization
· sharing
· camaraderie

SoulAlchemy immersion:

After you have experienced the benefits of Inner Alchemy for yourself, make a commitment to your soul and join a SoulCare immersion group. Enjoy the process of delving deeper into yourself in a safe and supportive group environment. Meets twice monthly.

The next group will start in early 2018. Email Eva to sign up for information about SoulAlchemy.

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