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The healing power of visualizations

29 Apr

The healing power of visualizations

Last week i conducted three healing visualizations, two for private coaching clients, and one for the women of my Midlife Alchemy Deepening group. The results are phenomenal. What seemed to be impossible before now can happen—and does! When the heart heals and makes peace, the world becomes your ally.


In my practice this week, there were different wounds that needed healing; but there were common threads. The most common thread is that all of us have suffered emotional wounds. They need tending to and healing. Customized visualizations are powerful, efficient tools to help healing old emotional wounds. Last week has made it clearer than ever to me how important the healing of the heart is, and that this healing is what i am called to help with.

My specialty is facilitating change on a deep, lasting level. Customized guided visualizations that lead you to a safe place to stretch yourself, and healing visualizations play an important role in my tool box for achieving this deep and lasting change. And, yes, you also get to travel into the future through visualizations to see your potential and get in touch with your heart’s desire. As my client you have either experienced a future journey already or we’ll get to that.

Where do the visualizations come from? Many future journeys are a standardized templates and used by many life coaches, healing visualizations are not. I channel them from the depth of the unconscious. I carefully listen to what i hear from whom i am working with. Then i allow myself to delve into the ocean of knowing and surf on the wave that offers itself. What it takes is intuition, trust, presence, and experience.

Is this hokey? No, it is not. My method is solidly backed up by psychological research. Over 100 years ago, Carl Gustav Jung started his groundbreaking work on the collective unconscious that connects us all. In the last several decades, the psychology of healing and positive psychology have affirmed the tremendous benefits of visualizations. What i do is in alignment with cutting-edge research.

I make my gift of transformational visualizations available to both my private coaching clients and to the participants of my alchemy groups. If this speaks to you, contact me for a consultation, or sign up for a group.

© Eva Ruland, April 2015

6 Outside the Romance Box Valentine’s Day Suggestions

13 Feb we all need love

Valentine’s Day is wonderful when you’re newly in love. It is also wonderful when you are with an attentive partner. But when you are alone, or with a partner with whom things are rocky, Valentine’s Day can be a challenge. What can you do to feel a little better?

Here are some suggestions:
• Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Perfection is an ideal. Lives tend to be not ideal and often messy.
• Forgive your partner for not being perfect.
• Forgive yourself for living a life that is not perfect.
• Make a list of at least 3 things that are going well for you. Are you blessed with good health? With a steady job? With a nice place to live? With enough money to feed yourself every day? Write it down.
• If you can’t share Valentine’s Day with a loved one, make it a day for self-care and self-love. Bring beauty into your life, for example buy yourself beautiful flowers.
• Be kind to others. There are many out there who are feeling low today—either because Valentine’s Day reminds them of their loneliness, or, because they are living in deprived or stressful conditions. Remember: you can make someone else’s day with a smile or a friendly word—or both. It’s easy to say something nice and appreciative. We all can make someone else feel better.

Let’s make Valentine’s Day a day to look forward to. Let’s make it a day to remember love in all its shapes and forms: love for other, love for self, parental love, the love of a child, romantic love, platonic love, the love of friendship, the care for others. Gestures matter, regardless of their size.

© Eva Ruland, February 2015

we all need love