Clients say

Eva’s coaching clients say:

“I love how Eva is a non-judgemental and objective guide to helping you explore and reveal your true desires and needs. ”

“Eva really tuned into the important themes, major underlying issues, and continued to unravel them from meeting to meeting until we had resolved them or discussed in full detail. Great!”

“With Eva as my coach I have manifested more than I ever expected.”

“Eva is able to create a space that allows me to get back to who I am.”

“Within a few months, I experienced a shift.”

“I experience Eva as a kind, thoughtful, sensitive yet penetrating coach. She both guides me and inspires inner work.”

“Coaching with Eva gives me new perspectives and helps me to know myself better. My dreams become clear and I learn to go after them.”

Participants of SFSoulSpa workshops have said:

“A great opportunity to slow down and connect with the real me.” [Nancy, career counselor]

“A way to be real, have fun and let your inner child come out and play.” [Lucy, Legal Secretary]

“A creative exploration of what’s emerging within our psyche.” [Mariah, visual facilitator]

“A great way to gain perspective and insights——highly recommended.” [Missy, non-profit consultant]

“It’s a fun and creative way to explore what you’re currently experiencing in your life. Through the collage you’ll see and lean new ways to approach a certain challenge you may be facing.” [Sarah, Oakland]

“An excellent therapeutic way to work out inner issues and/or explore untouched desires and ambitions.” [India A.M.]

“Very different experience. Quiet setting with many choices for elements of the collage. I was very surprised at what each picture revealed.” [anonymous]

“Engrossing, relaxing, interesting and deep: artful food for my soul. [Wendy, Jersey/Channel Islands]

“I absolutely recommend this workshop. You don’t need an artistic experience to do this. I came once and this is my second time. I couldn’t wait to do these cards again. I look already forward to the next one!” [Lucy]

“Get to know yourself.” [Olivia]

“This is an incredible process, healing and revealing.”

“Very easy way to get insights to yourselves.”

“A very fun and freeing class!”

“FUN, simple yet profound, wonderful to create with others.”

“Eva provided a supportive non-threatening atmosphere to explore creativity as well as personal issues. It was fun! engrossing like play!”

“Eva is very compassionate and I can tell she does this wholly from the heart to help heal. You learn about things you don’t know, are hidden, and see through a visual representation—clearer intentions follow!”

“The workshop is a remarkable tool for helping one process what’s going on in the subconscious.”

“Gives you an opportunity to see your life with fresh eyes & imagine possibilities.”

Thank you for the ENVISION WORKSHOP. Your offering is powerful!  Deep and subtle and powerful.  I’ll continue coming. [Rachel, realtor]

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